Apakah Test TOEFL itu?

TOEFL adalah tes kemampuan berbahasa Inggris yang diakui tinggi secara international. Pemilik TOEFL adalah .

Materi pada test TOEFL

Test yang terdapat dalam TOEFL tidak jauh berbeda dengan test kemampuan bahasa inggris lainya, meliputi Reading, Listening, Writing, dan Speaking

Persiapan Test TOEFL

Preparation sangatlah penting untuk menghadapi test TOEFL. Dengan persiapan dan latihan di harapkan pada saat test kita sudah terbiasa dengan berbagai jenis soal yang di ujikan, sehingga bisa mencapai score yang tinggi

Fasilitas lengkap dan modern

Salah satu kunci sukses dalam preparation atau persiapan TOEFL adalah fasilitas yang cukup lengkap dan modern. Sehingga siswa merasa nyaman dalam belajar

Sukses berawal dari TOEFL

TOEFL di selenggarakan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan kerja dan pendidikan yang di akui oleh berbagai institusi di seluruh dunia, Dengan TOEFL anda bisa memasuki dunia kerja atau study dengan lebih optimis

About Test Scores of TOEFL iBT

Score Scales

The TOEFL iBT test provides scores is four skill areas:
Reading                     0-30 
Listening                   0-30
Speaking                   0-30
Writing                     0-30
Total Score              0-120
The total score is the sum of the four skill scores.

Rating of Speaking and Writing Responses
Responses to all six Speaking tasks are digitally recorded and sent to ETS. The responses from each test taker are scored by three to six different certified raters. The responses for each task is rated on a scale from 0 to 40 according to the rubrics on pages 188-191. The average of all six ratings is converted to a scaled score of 0 to 30.

Raters listen for the following features in test taker responses:
  • Delivery: How clear was the speech? Good responses are fluid and clear, with good pronunciation, natural pacing, and natural-sounding intonation patterns.
  • Language use: How effectively does the test taker use grammar and vocabulary to convey ideas? Raters determine the test taker's ability to control both basic and more complex language structures, and use appropriate vocabulary.
  • Topic development: How fully do test takers answer the question and how coherently do they present their ideas? How well did the test taker synthesize and summarize the information in the integrated tasks? Good responses generally use all or most of the time allotted, and the relationship between ideas and the progression from one idea to the next are clear and easy to follow. 
It is important to note that raters do not expect test takers' responses to be perfect. Even high-scoring responses may contain occasional errors and minor problems in any of the three areas described above

Responses to all writing tasks also are sent to ETS. The responses are rated by two certified raters and the automated scoring system on a scale of 0 to 5 according to the rubrics on pages 200-201. The average of the scores on the two writing tasks is converted to a scaled score of 0 to 30.
  • The response to the integrated writing task is scored on the quality of writing (organization, appropriate and precise use of grammar and vocabulary) and the completeness and accuracy of the  content.
  • The independent writing essay is scored on the overall quality of the writing: development, organization, and appropriate and precise use of grammar and vocabulary.
It is important to note that the raters recognize that the responses are first drafts. They do not expect test takers to produce a well-researched, comprehensive essay. For that reason, test takers can earn a high score with a response that contains some errors.

Score Reports 
TOEFL score report provide valuable information about a test taker's readiness to participate and succeed in academic studies in an English-speaking environment. Score report include:
  • four skill scores 
  • total score
Scores are reported online approximately 10 days after the test. Test takers can view their scores online at no charge. Colleges, universities, and agencies receive paper score reports if the test taker has selected them as score recipients. (A paper copy of the score report is mailed to the test taker only upon request.) Test taker score reports also include performance feedback that indicates whether their performance was high, medium, or low, and describes what test takers in each score range typically know and can do with the English language.

Score requirements 
Each institution sets its own requirements for TOEFL scores. Test takers should consult their target institutions to determine their specific TOEFL score requirements. A list of colleges, universities, and agencies that accept TOEFL scores and a list of institutional score requirements reported to ETS can be obtained at


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